Blacklist United States Hosted PBX Feature

United States Hosted PBX with Blacklist feature

The United States Hosted PBX Blacklist object is used to block incoming calls received on specified phone numbers. Blacklist unwanted callers (global filter available) 

The information to be entered for this object is:

  • The name of the blacklist.

Choose whether or not you wish to include the Global Blacklist (an international list of blocked numbers) in your filter.
Add any phone numbers that should be included in the blacklist filter by clicking on the  sign and entering the phone number in E.164 format: <CountryCode> <City/AreaCode> <LocalNumber> 

Phone numbers that have been added to the blacklist may be deleted by clicking on the "X" sign adjacent to that number.
The inclusion of the Global Blacklist may be simply enabled and disabled by clicking on the Global: ON/OFF status on the Blacklist object.
A simple usage example of the Blacklist object is shown below, where the blacklist filter is applied to all incoming calls before those calls are processed by the company voice menu.