Conference Calls United States Hosted PBX Feature

United States Hosted PBX with conference calls feature

The Conference Room feature allows a group of 10 people to participate in phone call, all of whom may speak in and listen to the hosted conversation forming a virtual meeting room. Each person will be able to speak and listen to the group, allowing you to host events such as training programs and team meetings.

Our United States Hosted PBX includes integrated conferencing facilities, allowing you to hold conferences without involving a third-party provider. Conferences are easily set up at your convenience, and access is restricted to participants who have the appropriate PIN code before they are allowed to join the conference; Users setup a conference room prior to inviting guests—they must distribute notifications outside of the system—as each member requires a PIN code to enter the facility. Our United States Hosted PBX keeps track of call participants, so facilitators may block users with the PIN if necessary.

Popular Uses for the United States Hosted PBX Conference Feature

Many businesses rely on audio conferencing regularly to put together meetings, hold press conferences, communicate with clients and train staff. Conversely, conference calls allow friends and families to catch up with one another and to socialize in conjunction with other online channels.

Although conference calls should never replace face-to-face meetings, the emergence of other web conferencing add-ons like screen shares and slideshow presentations markedly boosts remote collaboration and productivity. Not to mention, said tools make it easy to run impromptu meetings, allowing users to call or sign in from an array of devices.