United States Hosted PBX Mobile App


Stay Connected on the Go with Our Free Android and iPhone App

United States Hosted PBX with FREE Mobile App for Android and iPhoneRegular smartphone forwarding lets you accept calls sent to your virtual phone number. Outbound, however, requires a VoIP app, which consumes data and relies on Wi-Fi availability.

Our United States Hosted PBX on Android and iPhone allows you to make outgoing calls (outbound calls) and take incoming calls (inbound calls) on the go. Better yet, it doesn't use data! Native to the system, the United States Hosted PBX app extends many of the great features usable on other VoIP phones.

NB: You get unlimited incoming calls (inbound calls) at no extra cost (100% FREE). You can have multiple numbers at the same time and whenever one of them is called, the app will ring :)

Ready to call? Then download it from the links below.

United States Hosted PBX with FREE Android Mobile App     United States Hosted PBX with FREE iPhone Mobile App


How Does It Work?

The United States Hosted PBX app piggybacks on the mobile carrier. It uses the existing cellphone service to dial the virtual number to initiate the call. For this reason, you must be in the same city as the number for the app to connect.

Once the smartphone contacts the local number, the United States Hosted PBX processes the final leg of the call. This means long-distance destinations register locally. It also means the call quality will be more reliable than over data.

Since the United States Hosted PBX app communicates with the main system, it tags all outbound calls with the appropriate IDs. It also makes internal calls and transfers possible.