Real Time Notification United States Hosted PBX Feature

United States Hosted PBX with real time notification feature

Notifications are used to provide you with alerts when specified events occur within the United States Hosted PBX, allowing you to manage these events appropriately and maintain full control over your voice system. For example, you may wish to be notified when voice mail is available, when a caller joins a conference or when a fax is received. 

How to enablae Notification, Timerouter, Call Recording and Audio Playback (Text to Speech) with United States (US) Hosted PBX

Notifications alert users when specific events happen, such as a new voicemail or an added conference participant. Ideally, in receiving these messages, users can tend to events and process subsequent actions faster (i.e. follow-up email). Not just this, but the United States Hosted PBX notification feature also improves the system's responsiveness and accessibility.

You also may select the method of notification, either by SMS or by email. In addition, United States Hosted PBX allows you to provide customized notification text that includes “auto-fill” fields, such as the caller’s number or the called number.

Our United States Hosted PBX Real Time Notification Feature On-the-Go

To accommodate a busy schedule, United States Hosted PBX notifies its users via SMS or email. Moreover, all messages include auto-fill fields, providing additional details and context.

Thankfully, should users get alerts away from home or the office, our United States Hosted PBX solutions may be opened over any internet connection. Thus, a travel laptop or tablet permits users entry if the event demands immediate action.