Text to Speech and Audio Playback United States Hosted PBX Feature

United States Hosted PBX with Text to Speech and audio playback features

While our United States Hosted PBX interface supports voice recording and uploading, some users may prefer to write their greetings and convert the scripts into something audible using speech-to-text. There are many reasons a user might wish to do so: 

How to enablae Notification, Timerouter, Call Recording and Audio Playback (Text to Speech) with United States (US) Hosted PBX

  • High-Quality Voice Messaging – Recording a voicemail or IVR greeting in a crowded, noisy environment reflects poorly on the business or user, whereas text-to-speech processing occurs virtually without feedback or other audio imperfections;
  • Dialect and Other Vocal Nuances – Some people do not feel confident enough in their verbal communication skills to setup a hosted PBX in their own voice. Speech-to-text solutions, then, offer an alternative. The United States Hosted PBX text-to-speech suite supports forty languages, too;
  • Custom Input Fields – Pre-recorded voice messages do not accommodate auto-fields like call number or ID. Automated responses, on the other hand, search for such details at specific points in a script.

As apparent in the above, the text-to-speech and audio playback pbx features serve many functions. They often work in conjunction with other United States Hosted PBX features, too, so keep exploring what Cloud PBX Phone System solutions have to offer.