Dozens of Free United States Hosted PBX Features Available

Hosted PBX phone system intro Our United States Hosted PBX uses simple drag-and-drop technology for an enjoyable user experience. All users get complete access to our FREE PBX feature set. There are nearly a dozen functions to drop into your call flow, as well as many forwarding options for optimal availability. United States Hosted PBX come with FREE features like: voicemail, voice menu and extensions, fax, call recording, queue, time routing, conference calls, caller ID, playback and tect to speech, blacklist, notification, mobile app, auto-response, virtual receptionist and more. We have also got a free app for iPhone and Android. It lets you make and take calls through your United States Hosted PBX phone number without data. Plus, you can travel with many of our great features in the palm of your hand! As an online solution, you do not need to maintain or update it. Leave that to us. There’s no overhead to concern yourself with either. United States Hosted PBX requires no upfront investment or service commitment. Thus, No experience or maintenance necessary.

  • Voicemail
  • Extensions
  • Call Forwarding
  • Mobile App
  • Call Recording
  • Caller ID
  • Blacklist
  • Conference Calls
  • Fax
  • Queue
  • Notification
  • Text to Speech
  • Time Routing

Unified Voicemail United States Hosted PBX Feature

United States Hosted PBX with unified voicemail feature

Unified Voicemail acts like a traditional answering machine or mailbox. It hosts a space in which users may leave voice messages when the phone goes unanswered. Uniquely, the United States hosted PBX voicemail feature from Cloud PBX Phone System forwards all recorded messages to one or more paired email addresses, attaching the audio file for download on a PC, tablet or smartphone. United States hosted PBX allows you to record or upload custom messages that are played to the caller when you are not available to answer the call. This message can give instructions to the caller to leave a voice message or may provide other available options, such as listing alternative contact phone numbers.

Greater Access to Voicemail

How to enable Multi Ring, Voicemail, Voice Menu or Extensions with United States (US) Hosted PBX

Thanks to the cloud, tech-savvy people can retrieve data on-the-go, whether that means at home, in the office, in a café or around the world. Why should voicemail warrant an exception?

By forwarding to email, users never have to worry about missing, overlooking or deleting voicemails: they’ll appear alongside all other communication streams in an email client. This makes scanning, prioritizing and responding to calls much easier. Plus, it opens doors to collaboration and client-sharing through forwarding, flagging, annotating and other MMS-based features.

Although all communication ends up in the same place, users can configure individual responses for each mode. For incoming calls, United States hosted PBX supports custom voicemail greetings, uploadable or recordable directly from within the workspace. This is one example of the flexibility Cloud PBX Phone System solutions give to users and callers alike.


Extensions & Voice Menu United States Hosted PBX Feature

United States Hosted PBX with voice menu (interactive voice response - IVR) feature

Voice menus, also referred to as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), comprise the backbone of any PBX system. Without them, callers would not know how to navigate extension-to-extension, nor would users be able to intricately connect the features and objects available.

How the Voice Menu United States Hosted PBX Feature Works

How to enable Multi Ring, Voicemail, Voice Menu or Extensions with United States (US) Hosted PBX

Voice menus prompt callers to press keys and move through call options. A business, for example, might direct calls to one of three departments: (1) Sales, (2) Account Management or (3) Technical Support. Essentially, the hierarchy and structure of the voice menu determines which calls go where and when. In conjunction with forwarding and time routing, configurations are truly endless.

Benefits of the Voice Menu PBX Feature

There are three primary advantages in implementing a hosted PBX voice menu.

  1. Personalization: Users can upload custom voice menus, augmenting brand authenticity and image. Greeting callers with a friendly, professional IVR can improve the customer experience greatly, especially when tailored to promotions, seasons and/or times of day.
  2. Automation: Receptionists and administrators no longer need to manually transfer calls, freeing up their time to complete other necessary tasks. Process more calls in a timelier and more efficient manner with the voice menu PBX feature.
  3. Prioritization: Direct callers to departments high or low on the system’s hierarchy. Alternatively, setup lines and extensions for users to bypass the menu entirely—a feature great for existing clients, colleagues, friends and more.

Users can apply the voice menu PBX feature in various situations. Explore other features available at Cloud PBX Phone System and learn how they interact or connect with IVR!


Call Forwarding United States Hosted PBX Feature

United States Hosted PBX with FREE call forwarding Feature

Intelligent call forwarding delivers all inbound calls to their desired locations—even if that means email. The function of the call forwarding PBX feature is to ensure no calls go unanswered. Our United States Hosted PBX system achieves this by allowing users to configure a variety of call devices that can both receive and transfer calls.

Our Call Forwarding PBX Feature Supports 4 Devices

How to enable Multi Ring, Voicemail, Voice Menu or Extensions with United States (US) Hosted PBX

  1. SIP phones: IP phones perform optimally through the United States Hosted PBX interface. This includes softphones and SIP-based apps.
  2. Cell phones: Regular mobile devices can receive calls from the United States Hosted PBX. Moreover, users can install the native United States Hosted PBX app to place calls.
  3. Landlines: An analogue phone can receive calls just like a cell phone. It can also connect like an IP phone with an Analogue Telephone Adapter (ATA).
  4. Voip Providers: You can forward your calls to any Voice-over-IP provider.

How United States Hosted PBX Handles Call Flow

United States Hosted PBX automates call forwarding to any location. Furthermore, our system directs calls either simultaneously or sequentially, depending on the user’s preferences. This means that calls may either ring all aforementioned devices at once or ring each individual phone in a sequence.

Example of Simultaneously and Sequential Call Forwarding

The United States Hosted PBX processes the call and sends it to a registered device. A specified SIP device rings first for 30 seconds. If untended, the call moves forward in the sequence. A connected mobile device rings next for 20 seconds. If untended, the call moves forward in the sequence. The last two devices—landline and Voip account—ring together for 10 seconds. If still no one answers, the call goes to voicemail.


United States Hosted PBX Mobile App


Stay Connected on the Go with Our Free Android and iPhone App

United States Hosted PBX with FREE Mobile App for Android and iPhoneRegular smartphone forwarding lets you accept calls sent to your virtual phone number. Outbound, however, requires a VoIP app, which consumes data and relies on Wi-Fi availability.

Our United States Hosted PBX on Android and iPhone allows you to make outgoing calls (outbound calls) and take incoming calls (inbound calls) on the go. Better yet, it doesn't use data! Native to the system, the United States Hosted PBX app extends many of the great features usable on other VoIP phones.

NB: You get unlimited incoming calls (inbound calls) at no extra cost (100% FREE). You can have multiple numbers at the same time and whenever one of them is called, the app will ring :)

Ready to call? Then download it from the links below.

United States Hosted PBX with FREE Android Mobile App     United States Hosted PBX with FREE iPhone Mobile App


How Does It Work?

The United States Hosted PBX app piggybacks on the mobile carrier. It uses the existing cellphone service to dial the virtual number to initiate the call. For this reason, you must be in the same city as the number for the app to connect.

Once the smartphone contacts the local number, the United States Hosted PBX processes the final leg of the call. This means long-distance destinations register locally. It also means the call quality will be more reliable than over data.

Since the United States Hosted PBX app communicates with the main system, it tags all outbound calls with the appropriate IDs. It also makes internal calls and transfers possible.


Call Recording United States Hosted PBX Feature

United States Hosted PBX with Call Recording feature

The call recording PBX feature enables users to record both inbound and outbound calls. This feature allows you to silently record phone calls in real-time. The audio data generated forwards to a given email address afterwards as an attachment. This particular United States Hosted PBX feature is in high demand because it provides numerous benefits across all areas of business—financial, legal, administrative and more.

Primary Reasons to Enable the Call Recording PBX Feature

How to enable call recording with United States (US) Hosted PBX

The following three sections delve into common applications for United States Hosted PBX call recording. Our United States Hosted PBX is not just a call system; it's an advanced communications system intended to enhance productivity for users both on and off the phone lines. These examples demonstrate such.

Customer Service

How better to gauge employee-customer interactions than eavesdropping on or reviewing past conversations? Managers can identify best practices and highlight weak points in customer engagement this way—plus it contributes greatly to the amount of customer history from which sales and support agents can work. Similarly, the call recording PBX feature improves quality control in that maintaining an audio archives can reveal entry errors.

Employee Training

When an employee nears the date of his or her performance review, call records can help managers assess that employee’s sales or support efficacy. As well, recordings of exemplary customer servicing can be given to new hires for studying or mimicking. This works particularly well for developing standard responses and protocols among staff, making all controls predictably professional.

Corporate Liability

These days, everybody looks for excuses to sue. Miscommunication can lead to various consequences, some of which escalate into a legal problems. Businesses can protect against this by documenting all interactions and recording phone conversations. Call agents simply need to insert a privacy clause into the IVR or mention it before recording a call.


Caller ID United States Hosted PBX Feature

United States Hosted PBX with Caller ID routing feature

Caller ID Routing allows incoming calls to be forwarded to the appropriate employee, voice menu or business location, depending on the originating phone number. For example, you may require that calls from specific customers be directed to your personal mobile phone, or sales calls from different geographic locations be automatically directed to local sales agents.

Caller Routing implements a simple “Yes/No” logic based on whether the originating phone number matches a phone number configured in the Caller Routing object. This object must be connected to two child objects such as Person or Voice Menu objects to which calls are forwarded according to this “Yes/No” logic. When the cables to the child objects are generated, they are automatically labeled "Yes" and "No" respectively. The “Yes” option defines the routing of calls if the originating phone number matches a phone number included in the Caller Routing object, and the “No” option defines the routing in the case of a failure in the phone number match.

The information to be entered for this object is:

The name of the Caller Routing object.

The phone number/s required for the routing logic.Clicking on the  icon on this object allows you to add phone numbers for the routing logic.

Phone numbers must be entered in E.164 format <CountryCode> <City/AreaCode> <LocalNumber> and there may be multiple phone numbers per Caller Routing object.

Phone number prefix codes may be used as wildcards (minimum length of 2 numbers), and this is useful for the routing of calls on a geographic basis.

If necessary, phone numbers previously added to the Caller Routing object may be deleted by clicking on the  icon to the right of the number.

A simple usage example of the Caller Routing object is shown below. If the incoming call is received from a number listed in the Caller Routing object (1-212-555-6789 or prefix 1-518), then the call is forwarded to Mike Brown (connected to the “Yes” cable); otherwise, the call is forwarded along the “No” logical cable to the secretary.


Blacklist United States Hosted PBX Feature

United States Hosted PBX with Blacklist feature

The United States Hosted PBX Blacklist object is used to block incoming calls received on specified phone numbers. Blacklist unwanted callers (global filter available) 

The information to be entered for this object is:

  • The name of the blacklist.

Choose whether or not you wish to include the Global Blacklist (an international list of blocked numbers) in your filter.
Add any phone numbers that should be included in the blacklist filter by clicking on the  sign and entering the phone number in E.164 format: <CountryCode> <City/AreaCode> <LocalNumber> 

Phone numbers that have been added to the blacklist may be deleted by clicking on the "X" sign adjacent to that number.
The inclusion of the Global Blacklist may be simply enabled and disabled by clicking on the Global: ON/OFF status on the Blacklist object.
A simple usage example of the Blacklist object is shown below, where the blacklist filter is applied to all incoming calls before those calls are processed by the company voice menu.


Conference Calls United States Hosted PBX Feature

United States Hosted PBX with conference calls feature

The Conference Room feature allows a group of 10 people to participate in phone call, all of whom may speak in and listen to the hosted conversation forming a virtual meeting room. Each person will be able to speak and listen to the group, allowing you to host events such as training programs and team meetings.

Our United States Hosted PBX includes integrated conferencing facilities, allowing you to hold conferences without involving a third-party provider. Conferences are easily set up at your convenience, and access is restricted to participants who have the appropriate PIN code before they are allowed to join the conference; Users setup a conference room prior to inviting guests—they must distribute notifications outside of the system—as each member requires a PIN code to enter the facility. Our United States Hosted PBX keeps track of call participants, so facilitators may block users with the PIN if necessary.

Popular Uses for the United States Hosted PBX Conference Feature

Many businesses rely on audio conferencing regularly to put together meetings, hold press conferences, communicate with clients and train staff. Conversely, conference calls allow friends and families to catch up with one another and to socialize in conjunction with other online channels.

Although conference calls should never replace face-to-face meetings, the emergence of other web conferencing add-ons like screen shares and slideshow presentations markedly boosts remote collaboration and productivity. Not to mention, said tools make it easy to run impromptu meetings, allowing users to call or sign in from an array of devices.


Fax (Fax2Email) United States Hosted PBX Feature

United States Hosted PBX with Fax (Fax2Email) feature

Receive faxes as PDF via eMail on your virtual number! You just need to enter your email address to which the received faxes should be.


Queue United States Hosted PBX Feature

United States Hosted PBX with queue feature

Users expecting large call volumes need the queue PBX feature, yet not all hosted phone solutions offer it. To efficiently process simultaneous inbound calls, our United States Hosted PBX sequences callers based on a first-come-first-serve basis. Understandably, many calls would go unanswered without the queue PBX feature, just as many calls would be cut short to keep the lines open. By implementing transitory spaces with brand messages and music, call agents can spend longer on each call and still process more inquires.

Assigning Users to the Call Queue PBX Feature

Queues in our United States Hosted PBX operate in five ways:

  1. Ring All – Every extension connected to a given menu item receives the call at once;
  2. Least Recent – The system forwards to whichever user has been off the phone longest;
  3. Fewest Calls – The system sends calls to the user with the lowest activity levels;
  4. Random – Calls go out to extensions unsystematically;
  5. Round Robin – The system assigns calls based on a predetermined order that repeats.


Real Time Notification United States Hosted PBX Feature

United States Hosted PBX with real time notification feature

Notifications are used to provide you with alerts when specified events occur within the United States Hosted PBX, allowing you to manage these events appropriately and maintain full control over your voice system. For example, you may wish to be notified when voice mail is available, when a caller joins a conference or when a fax is received. 

How to enablae Notification, Timerouter, Call Recording and Audio Playback (Text to Speech) with United States (US) Hosted PBX

Notifications alert users when specific events happen, such as a new voicemail or an added conference participant. Ideally, in receiving these messages, users can tend to events and process subsequent actions faster (i.e. follow-up email). Not just this, but the United States Hosted PBX notification feature also improves the system's responsiveness and accessibility.

You also may select the method of notification, either by SMS or by email. In addition, United States Hosted PBX allows you to provide customized notification text that includes “auto-fill” fields, such as the caller’s number or the called number.

Our United States Hosted PBX Real Time Notification Feature On-the-Go

To accommodate a busy schedule, United States Hosted PBX notifies its users via SMS or email. Moreover, all messages include auto-fill fields, providing additional details and context.

Thankfully, should users get alerts away from home or the office, our United States Hosted PBX solutions may be opened over any internet connection. Thus, a travel laptop or tablet permits users entry if the event demands immediate action.


Text to Speech and Audio Playback United States Hosted PBX Feature

United States Hosted PBX with Text to Speech and audio playback features

While our United States Hosted PBX interface supports voice recording and uploading, some users may prefer to write their greetings and convert the scripts into something audible using speech-to-text. There are many reasons a user might wish to do so: 

How to enablae Notification, Timerouter, Call Recording and Audio Playback (Text to Speech) with United States (US) Hosted PBX

  • High-Quality Voice Messaging – Recording a voicemail or IVR greeting in a crowded, noisy environment reflects poorly on the business or user, whereas text-to-speech processing occurs virtually without feedback or other audio imperfections;
  • Dialect and Other Vocal Nuances – Some people do not feel confident enough in their verbal communication skills to setup a hosted PBX in their own voice. Speech-to-text solutions, then, offer an alternative. The United States Hosted PBX text-to-speech suite supports forty languages, too;
  • Custom Input Fields – Pre-recorded voice messages do not accommodate auto-fields like call number or ID. Automated responses, on the other hand, search for such details at specific points in a script.

As apparent in the above, the text-to-speech and audio playback pbx features serve many functions. They often work in conjunction with other United States Hosted PBX features, too, so keep exploring what Cloud PBX Phone System solutions have to offer.


Time Routing United States Hosted PBX Feature

United States Hosted PBX with time routing (Time-of-Day Routing) feature

Time Router (Time-of-Day Routing) feature allows you to specify where calls should be routed at specific periods of the day and/or specific days of the week. Many businesses have staff member who may only be available at certain times of the day or are located in different time zones. You may have a call center that operates during regular business hours and another that process calls after hours and on the weekends. Time router will automatically route calls based on your selected settings, greatly increasing the operational efficiency of your organization. For example, you can tell the system to forward to mobile before and after work hours Monday to Friday; otherwise, all calls go to the desktop. Moreover, during the night you can send calls straight to voicemail.

How to enablae Notification, Timerouter, Call Recording and Audio Playback (Text to Speech) with United States (US) Hosted PBX

The United States Hosted PBX time routing feature not only helps users schedule calls for optimal availability, but also assists businesses operating within different time zones. For instance, a business with global customers could configure each extension to route to one of three call centers for round-the-clock support, transitioning between each based on its hours of operation.

Flexible Inbound and Outbound Calling

Since our United States Hosted PBX interface uses drag-and-drop technology, users can add, remove or alter the time routing PBX feature with the click of a button. This means schedules can change according to the week ahead—something particularly useful for travelling businessmen and businesswomen.

Combined with our United States Hosted PBX app, users can also place calls on-the-go at any time, ensuring not just inbound availability but outbound as well.