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Cannot Receive Calls

Should your account cease to forward calls to any SIP or PSTN destination, please check for the following.

  • Ensure your number has not expired by signing into your account and clicking "My Phone Numbers." Renew it if it has expired.
  • Verify that your country does not require ID to approve the order.
  • Check the Cloud PBX panel to see if the device is still active. For SIP, a green light next to the device's name signifies registration. 
  • Review the call history log. Check for any of the statuses listed below. If you cannot see your calls, then it is likely a dialling problem. Try calling your virtual number from different sources to double-check if the number is unreachable from more than one place.

SIP Status Responses

To view your call logs, sign into the userpanel and select "Call History." You can view up to 100 records per page.

  • Payment Required: Add funds to your account.
  • Request Terminated: This is a common error and does not indicate anything is awry. Simply, this means either party terminated the call before it could complete. For instance, the caller hangs up before an answer.
  • Forbidden: The number is not yet in service. Numbers being ported to our system often show this while in progress. Likewise, a number that requires ID may fail until fully approved. Occasionally, a numbered dialed incorrectly will also show this error. 
  • Not Found: The number may no longer be available in the account. Check to see if it has expired or if the number has been terminated. Expired numbers do not show this unless untended for a lengthy period.